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Monday, 24 January 2011

re: Electric Soul Show - 23rd January, 2011 - Ipswich Town, England. – 23rd January,2011

The time of the show is - 10am to 12 Noon - English Time - if you want to listen to the show live.

Here I am again here at The ICR Studio's here in Ipswich Town, England doing another Electric Soul show. This weeks show features music from the world of:
  1. Soul
  2. HipHop
  3. Rnb
  4. Jazz
  5. Soul/House/Jazz fusion Music
  6. Raregroooves

*Only 2 requests today on the Electric Soul Show - Cealwyn Stephens - Ipswich Town, England and the New India Insurance team, Ipswich Town, England

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Please note that below you can "Purchase/Buy" some of the tracks that were played in today's show - Date of the show - 23rd JANUARY 2011 - highlighted below. Please just hoover your mouse over the highlighted tracks to do so

Tracklist for 23rd January,2011

  1. "Don't take me for granted" -G.L.O - 2005
  2. "You don't have to call" - Usher - 2001
  3. "Love Thing" - Intro - 1993
  4. "I wanna hold onto you" - Mica Paris - 1993
  5. "Friends" - Whoudini - 1983 HipHop
  6. "Baby Don't go" - Fabulous feat T-Pain - 2004 Rn'b/HipHop music
  7. "Taste"- Rick James - 2004
  8. "Well of love" - Davidson Ospina feat MJ White - 2010 Soulful House music
  9. "I got my Pride" - Su Su Bobien - 2009 Soulful House music
  10. "Cover Ups vol 1" - Joey Musphia - 1996 Soulful House music
  11. "Baby Love" - Cassioware - 1992 Soulful House music
  12. Raregroove Track - Request for Cealwyn Stephens
  13. Raregroove Track - Request for New India Insurance
  14. Raregroove Track
  15. Raregroove Track
  16. "Faith" - Kierra "Kikk" Shread - 2006 Urban Gospel music Track
  17. "I want you back" - Kierra "Kikk" Shread - 2009 Urban Gospel music Track
  18. "Jazz Room" - Paul Murphy & Mark Woolford - 2004 Jazz/Fusion music Track
  19. "Skin la-le" - Yasuko Agawa - 2004 Jazz/Fusion music Track
  20. Raregroove Track
  21. Raregroove Track
  22. Raregroove Track

*If you have any comments that which to add, or you are a artist/s or group that has new material that you would like to be heard on the show. Please enter your comments or details via clicking on the "Comments Button" below. Don't forget to leave your e-mail details so that I can get back to you.*

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