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Sunday, 15 November 2009

re: Electric Soul Show - 15th November 2009 -

Welcome the Electric Soul Show -

*This week I played tracks which were from the world of Rn'b, HipHop, Soulful House, Breakbeat,Soul and Rare Grooves (via the Infamous Rare Groove selection)*

There were just 4 x requests one from Selwyn Stephens (Ipswich Town, England), Tia Laws (Ipswich Town, England), Roland Foster (Ipswich Town, England) and Colin Williams (Ipswich Town, England).

The Show for this week has now passed. Remember the "Listen again" service is only available for 1 x week for each show. However, I have left a play list of what was played during 15th November, 2009. Please see below. Thank you. Please listen to the latest show available above.

15th November,2009

1."Never let you go" - Shei Atkins - 2001 - Rnb Gospel music
2."Yearning" - Spiritual Places - 2009 - Rnb Gospel music
3."Never given up on you" - Jamie Jones - 2005 - Rnb Gospel music
4."He's been good" - Virtue - 2009 - Virtue - Rnb Gospel music
5."Golden" - Jill Scott - 2004
6."Whatever you want" - Tony, Tone, Toni - 1990
7."Give you all my love" - Marc Staggers - 2009
8."Taste" - Rick James - 2004
9."Alright" - Himuki feat Raashas Ahamd - 2007 - Soulful HipHip music
10."Battle" - Gang Star - 2002 - HipHop music
11."Life's a deck" - Kenichiro Nisihari feat Greg Green - 2007 - Soulful HipHop music
12."Knowing you" - Nathan Prime - 2004
13."Let me be the one" Intro - 1993
14."Treat you rite" - Angela Winboss - 1955 - Request for Tia Laws (Ipswich Town, England)
15.Rare Groove Track
16.Rare Groove Track - Request for Selwyn Stephens (Ipswich Town, England)
17.Rare Groove Track
18."Weekend" - Rachel Brown - 2009
19."Your Body's calling" - R Kelly - 1993
20."My Life" - 95 North feat Sabrynaah Pope - 1995 - Soulful House music
21."Cover Ups (Vol1) Miss you" - Joey Mushapia - 1996 - Soulful House music
22.Rare Groove track - Request for Roland Foster (Ipswich Town, England)
23.Rare Groove track
24.Rare Groove Track - Request for Colin Williams (Ipswich Town, England)

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